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Holy Trinity ROC - Biserica "Sf. Treime"

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1963 - ROEA, This is your church. Although the quality of the video clips are very poor, yet the content is very informative: history of the Romanians in America; establishment of the diocesan quarters at "Vatra", Grass Lake, MI; General Administration; The Bishop; Congress; Religious Education, ARFORA, AROY, etc... A MUST WATCH for everyone... (6 video clips).
1983 - California People. On American TV, a documentary of the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church, by Mario Machado. Subjects: Church's History, Religion, Culture, Culinary Arts; Arts & Crafts; Dances, etc. (2 video clips).
1987 - Hierarchical Liturgy, pontificated by His Grace Bishop Nathaniel & the ordonation to the Holy priesthood of Fr Catalin Mitescu. Parish banquet (9 videoclips). Among co-servers: Fathers Constantin Alecse, parish priest; Florian Galdau, George Zmed, Aurel Costin, Paraschiv Bulboaca, John Limbeson, dn Catalin Mitescu
1988 - King Michael's visit in Los Angeles. His Majesty King Michael of Romania, and wife Anne, visited the Romanian Community in Los Angeles, attending the Church Services & the official Banquet, organized by the Viitorul Roman Society, for the occasion of the anniversary of the Romanian Principalities' Unification. (8 videoclips)
1991-The unwanted guest shows up for Thanksgiving Dinner (Ziua Multumitei) - The Church's Youth Drama Club Team offers a very well orchestrated drama, considered for a "Hollywood" OSCAR (just kidding!!!) - Well done guys! (9 videoclips)

1991 - - index - (part I) & (part II) - In a two (2) parts presentation, advertises its products. The filming took place at "The Advanced Computing Institute" in Los Angeles. Narrator: Emil Ciontea. Cameraman: Alex Dumitru. Coordinator: V.Rev. Fr. Constantin Alecse (2 video clips).


1994 - Picnic/Festival, Over 300 talented Romanian students, and University Staff, attended and performed at the church's summer festival, on the occasion of the World Cup competition in Los Angeles, California (5 videoclips).
1995 - Easter Resurrection Service (on the outside the church stage, and inside the church) - choir performance (video-clips).
1995 Fashion Show. Organized by the Ladies Auxiliary and the Youth of the parish, the Fashion Show 1995 was attended by HH David Funderburk & wife Betty (former USA Ambassador to Romania, during Ceausescu's era). The Ambassador is addressing the participants (11 video clips)
2000 Christmas Carols with "Axios Corala"What a surprise! Ten (10) days before 2000 Christmas, the Romanian Consulate in Los Angeles informed the parish that a group of some 24 "carolers" from Romania arrived in Los Angeles, to go caroling to the Romanian-American families. Accommodation had to be provided, and money to be raised to complete their adventure in the States.  Thanks God! - Everything worked-out superbly (3 video clips).
2001 Christmas Carols. Participants: The parish choir, actress Manuela Golescu; Gabriel Vamvulescu & Ciprian Ignat; Santa Claus.
2001 Christmas Carols with Gabriel Vamvulescu & Ciprian Ignat. The repertoire: Nasterea lui Iisus Hristos!, Doamne a Tale Cuvinte!, Somnul lui Iisus, Gazde Mari!, Domnul Sfant cand S'a Nascut!, Trei Pastori, Steaua sus Rasare, Trei Pastori, Gazde Mari, Cetinita-Cetioara!, La poarta lui Stefan Voda!, Coborat'a coborat!, Steaua Sus Rasare!, Mos Batran, Mos Craciun!, In'iaseara'i Seara Mare! (12 video clips)
1980-2010 - Culture & Arts: Theatre, Exhibits, Festivals, Picnics, etc... Expozitia Pictorului Necolai Constantin, Los Angeles 2009. - Aflandu-se intr-o lunga vizita in Statele Unite, pictorul, traitor in Germania, dupa o reusita expozitie la New York, a organizat, in 26 iulie 2009, o expozitie ad-hoc cu o serie de pasteluri, la centrul cultural al Parohiei Sfanta Treime din Los Angeles
1980-2010 - Liturgical Services : Divine Liturgies, Resurrection Services Services, Ordinations, etc... Very Rev. Fr. Constantin Alecse, is not only the parish priest of the Holy Trinity ROC Church in Los Angeles, for almost 30 years, but also the Dean of the ROEA Pacific Coast Deanery, for over 25 years, having in his jurisdiction some 18 parishes and Missions. Under "1980-2010 - Liturgical Services" one could watch some of the Deanery's activities during this time.
1980-2010 - Special Services : Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, Anniversaries, etc...
2010 - "Orizontul Cunoasterii", Terapia prin Speranta, cu participarea ing. Ion Anton. In cadrul cenaclului Ioan Anton a recitat poezii, a vorbit despre Romanii din America, a evocat memorii, privind vizita in America a maestrului, poetul Grigore Vieru, etc... (9 videoclipuri)
2010 - TVR-interviews (by Mihaela Craciun): California People: Alecse Constantin (Fr), Anton Ion, Calugarita Cristian, Capsa Iustin-Constantin (Fr), Dumitrescu Domnita (Prof), Dumitru Alex (TVRomaniaWest), "Between East & West" (San Diego), Kozinski Alex (Judge, US Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit), Literat Livia-Ecaterina, Mantea Paul ("Paul Mitchell School"), Marmureanu Alexandru (dr), Matei-Platt Paula (Painter), Popescu Petru (writer), Razmeritsa Anatol (actor), Serban Marian (pres.& IT), Vahab Christian (Energy), Vamvulescu Gabriel (opara singer)
HTROC (2011): Los Angeles - Dr. Rodica Ghiuru offering a Certificate of Excellence. Sambata 1 ianuarie 2011 (Anul Nou, praznuirea Taierii imprejur a Domnului Hristos, si Sf. Vasile), Prof. Univ. dr. Rodica Ghiuru, Clinica a V-a Medicala si de Geriatrie - Gerontologie, Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie "Gr.T.Popa" Iasi, in timpul vizitei in California, la invitatia dlui ing. Ion Anton, 14 Dec 2010 - 4 Ian. 2011, a oferit, la finele serviciului divin, un certificat de excelenta slujitorilor si enoriasilor parohiei Sfanta Treime din Los Angeles, California
Filmul: Viata lui Iisus (Jesus of Nazareth, 1977) - Durată: 371 minute
Regia: Franco Zeffirelli - Prezentare: Amplă evocare a vieţii, învăţăturilor şi suferinţelor lui Iisus Christos, de la naştere până la răstignire, impecabil realizată cinematografic. O distribuţie de excepţie. În rolul lui Iisus: Robert Powell. "Iisus din Nazareth", vizionare online cu subtitrare în limba română.

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