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Biserica "SFANTA TREIME" - Los Angeles, California

1983 - California People. On American TV, a documentary of the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church, by Mario Machado. Subjects: Church's History, Religion, Culture, Culinary Arts; Arts & Crafts; Dances, etc. (2 video clips)

1991-The unwanted guest shows up for Thanksgiving Dinner (Ziua Multumitei) - The Church's Youth Drama Club Team offers a very well orchestrated drama, considered for a "Hollywood" OSCAR (just kidding!!!) - Well done guys! (9 videoclips)

1995 Fashion Show. Organized by the Ladies Auxiliary and the Youth of the parish, the Fashion Show 1995 was attended by HH David Funderburk & wife Betty (former USA Ambassador to Romania, during Ceausescu's era). The Ambassador is addressing the participants (11 video clips)

2000 Christmas Carols with "Axios Corala"What a surprise! Ten (10) days before 2000 Christmas, the Romanian Consulate in Los Angeles informed the parish that a group of some 24 "carolers" from Romania arrived in Los Angeles, to go caroling to the Romanian-American families. Accommodation had to be provided, and money to be raised to complete their adventure in the States.  Thanks God! - Everything worked-out superbly (3 video clips).

2001 Christmas Carols. Participants: The parish choir, actress Manuela Golescu; Gabriel Vamvulescu & Ciprian Ignat; Santa Claus.

2002 Christmas Carols by Gabriel Vamvulescu & Ciprian Ignat. The repertoire: Nasterea lui Iisus Hristos!, Doamne a Tale Cuvinte!, Somnul lui Iisus, Gazde Mari!, Domnul Sfant cand S'a Nascut!, Trei Pastori, Steaua sus Rasare, Trei Pastori, Gazde Mari, Cetinita-Cetioara!, La poarta lui Stefan Voda!, Coborat'a coborat!, Steaua Sus Rasare!, Mos Batran, Mos Craciun!, In'iaseara'i Seara Mare! (12 video clips)

2010 - "Orizontul Cunoasterii", Terapia prin Speranta, cu participarea ing. Ion Anton. In cadrul cenaclului Ioan Anton a recitat poezii, a vorbit despre Romanii din America, a evocat memorii, privind vizita in America a maestrului, poetul Grigore Vieru, etc... (9 videoclipuri)

1980-2010 - Culture & Arts: Theatre, Exhibits, Festivals, Picnics, etc... Expozitia Pictorului Necolai Constantin, Los Angeles 2009. - Aflandu-se intr-o lunga vizita in Statele Unite, pictorul, traitor in Germania, dupa o reusita expozitie la New York, a organizat, in 26 iulie 2009, o expozitie ad-hoc cu o serie de pasteluri, la centrul cultural al Parohiei Sfanta Treime din Los Angeles

2010 - TVR-interviews (by Mihaela Craciun): California People: Alecse Constantin (Fr), Anton Ion, Calugarita Cristian, Capsa Iustin-Constantin (Fr), Dumitrescu Domnita (Prof), Dumitru Alex (TVRomaniaWest), "Between East & West" (San Diego), Kozinski Alex (Judge, US Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit), Literat Livia-Ecaterina, Mantea Paul ("Paul Mitchell School"), Marmureanu Alexandru (dr), Matei-Platt Paula (Painter), Popescu Petru (writer), Razmeritsa Anatol (actor), Serban Marian (pres.& IT), Vahab Christian (Energy), Vamvulescu Gabriel (opara singer)

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